Sex is better in the summer
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Yes, and the season plays a role in how good the sex ! Summer is always the best time for a man to enjoy his sex life. And why is that?

We always take more care of our body in the summer and have more confidence and energy

You relax from the stress of everyday life and enjoy it more.

In summer you are either on holiday or everything is more relaxed than in winter.

The heat puts you in a better mood for sex than the cold.

There are more opportunities to try something new and different.

It has been proven that summer raises your sexual mood!

In summer you are generally in a better psychological mood than in winter, as research has shown

And one more thing. More escorts, call girls and city tour girls arrive to offer their services and at the same time enjoy the summer in Greece!

Tips for the summer

Do not leave condoms in your car. High temperatures can damage a condom, leaving you vulnerable to an unwanted pregnancy or the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. We know that cars can develop unusually high temperatures in the summer, so if you’ve left the can of condoms in the glove compartment, just throw them away and buy new ones.

Don’t forget to hydrate. This may not be exactly sexy advice but you shouldn’t forget that it’s summer and sex is basically like a mini workout. That’s why you need to make sure you stay hydrated throughout your sexual encounters. Sure a few ice cubes during sex can help, but what you really need is to have some water by your bedside.

Do not have sex in water. The pool or the sea may sound erotic when it comes to sex, but it is not a good idea at all. In fact, it’s the most likely way to catch an STD, since water washes away your body’s natural lubricant, creating more friction, which increases the risk of bacteria and viruses entering it. It also makes urinary tract infections easier.

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