These are the famous women who started out as starters

With the cross in hand no one goes forward they say.. The famous actresses knew this well and apparently, they preferred to hold other things in their hands – and not only – to open the doors of Hollywood for them. See famous women that the whole planet is talking about who didn’t go ahead from the beginning for their talent and of course didn’t work hard for success…

Marilyn Monroe
Her rate was $500 and she was always going with big Hollywood producers and directors. Rumors also speak of a porn film that of course never surfaced.

Kim Novak
In the mid-60s he was arrested in Chicago for prostitution.

Raquel Wells
The well-known Mexican woman named Raquel Takseda was involved in porn films, her family revealed, which were withdrawn and eventually destroyed by the film studio.

Veronica Lake
Although she started out as an actress in the movies, she made a career change and became a luxury prostitute in New York.

Sophia Loren
Her headquarters was, of course, Rome. “Code name” Sophia Vilani Cicolone.

Joan Collins
From the age of 17 onwards she worked mainly in Hollywood with a big box office as she was a very beautiful woman.

Sharon Stone
At a rate of $1000 an hour, Sharon was taking the male population for a ride and stripping them down to their regular clothes.

Catherine Zeta Jones
She practiced her profession mainly in Las Vegas, and the revelations have been made by her own husband, Michael Douglas.