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Even if you have a favorite sex position, it’s always fun to keep trying new things. You may be stuck in a rut and looking to mix things up a bit, or even thinking about having sex for the first time and looking for a place to start.

Either way, finding your loved ones requires a little exploration. And whether you’re with your girlfriend or with a escort here’s our list of basic sex positions to help you get going.

The missionary sex position provides the best angle for excellent communication and eye contact. You can also try lifting her legs upwards to explore the angle or depth of penetration. There is a reason why many escorts cite the good old missionary as one of the best sex positions.

Another classic is the so-called Cowgirl pose, where the woman “rides” with her knees forward and bent. This position allows the person on top to control the speed, depth and angle of penetration, which sometimes helps him to finish faster. But don’t worry, the man underneath is also having a great time. He enjoys as their wife does all the work. If you want to enjoy each other’s bodies, this is an excellent position. There is also a very sexy eye contact. If you are lucky enough to be lying under a “cowgirl”, you can explore her body with your hands and also help her move up and down by supporting her hips. This is a really intense position for both of them and a favorite of many.

Doggy style is when you enter the woman from behind as you are both on your knees. This position usually allows for deeper penetration. Doggy style is a winner for many reasons. It is a free moving position that gives many opportunities to touch your partner. In addition they can control the depth and intensity of the thrusts and both can control the depth and intensity of the thrusts. Many people say they are able to come more easily in this position. These basic sex positions are a good starting point to explore and perfect.

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