Try new things in sex!
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Things to try in sex! The first as a little test is to use handcuffs, masks, wings, scarves, harnesses, and anything else you can imagine at the time. It is so good to take control in bed alternately, so from this experience you will learn to leave yourself free in each other’s hands and enjoy it as much as you can. The second is to watch an erotic film together and try out what you have learned at the end. You could even make your own film. The third is to play different roles. Dress up in costumes and play your roles seriously to make your fantasy a success.

The fourth is to use some clitoral play. During intercourse you can place it on the penis and at the same time as the penetration the sex toy will tremble and cause incredible pleasure to your partner. Try it and you’ll be amazed at the sounds of pleasure you’ll make. Make a start and choose in any order you wish the things we suggest, so that you can escape from the taboos and enjoy sex, without guilt, but with passion and intensity! You can try the above with one of our lovely Call Girls.