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Every man has his favourite time to have sex. But it is not always easy to satisfy his desire especially when it is a difficult time such as midday which is usually a busy time with various activities. Enjoy sex the moment you want, with a Your Angels girl.. If he still wants to try with his partner, here are some tips.

To encourage morning sex:

1. Focus on the benefits. Both sexes perform better at work after morning sex. And after sex, the hormone vasopressin increases, prompting men to feel more emotional attachment.

2. Start slower. Spend time cuddling and lying in the compliments.

3. Go to bed earlier. Sleep deprivation reduces testosterone levels in both sexes. Adequate sleep is necessary to maintain maximum hormonal balance and to limit the stress hormone cortisol, which inhibits desire in both sexes.

To encourage evening sex:

1. Watch competitive sports. Research shows that it increases his feelings of aggression and boosts his testosterone. It’s great if you’re a fan of the sport.

2. Create an expectation of being together all day to take advantage of the small increases in testosterone in her body.

3. Workout together at the end of the day. Thirty to forty minutes of intense resistance or endurance increases testosterone levels. Stimulation remains easier for thirty minutes after exercise.

Keep in mind that sometimes the decision about when to have sex can be more about an emotional power struggle than personal preferences.

Each of you may have a favorite time of day, but pleasing your partner occasionally during their best time brings them fair and fun. And when that happens, you both win.

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