Why are men polygamous?
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For most men, infidelity is sexual satisfaction, not emotional. That is why every time they see a beautiful woman they imagine her in their bed. Polygamy in committed men renews their relationship, scientists say. After all, since ancient times, the reproduction of the human race has been based on polygamy. A meeting with an Escort could provide you with the pleasure you want and diversity in sex, a little escape if you want from the ordinary, without putting your marriage or relationship at risk. This is because no matter how much you want to, you can’t get emotionally attached to a girl you’ll be with for an hour or a few hours and so it remains a pleasant sexual memory without anything more.

In Europe from medieval times to the present day, marriage has had nothing whatsoever to do with love or romance or romantic lifelong relationships. The wife was the property of the husband under notarial and legal arrangements, along with all the financial assets he could provide to their marriage. It was more of a financial deal than a promise of eternal love and all the things we’re used to seeing in period films. A University of Michigan study concluded that most of the research that had been done in favor of monogamy had been done entirely with literature that extolled marriage and its benefits. The same study concluded that monogamy was imposed as the normal form of relationship over all others, but also with the intention that all other forms be considered socially deviant or not normal.