Men… smoking seriously harms sex

It’s classic. There is no serious lover in the history of cinema who hasn’t lit a cigarette after sex. On the bedside table, always next to a lighter with a personality, the cigarette pack was and is the best companion after the mistress. Because pleasure should never end. But the reality is quite different. Sex and cigarettes don’t go together. Are they enemies and are they simply asking you to choose sides? Sex or cigarettes? Cigarette or sex?

Men standing up for everything

The man who wants to be a bull in bed is first and foremost interested in a fast and long-lasting erection. Well, then he’d better count down the sucks. Research has shown that men who quit smoking began to have a much more satisfying erection than before, and their arousal was much faster. This is a normal development for those who know the negative effects of smoking, since the damage it causes to the blood vessels prevents proper blood flow and thus affects erectile function. This side effect may be considered by the scientific community to be much more effective in helping men to quit smoking.

The truth is surprisingly disarming. Ultimately, men are more afraid of the possibility of erectile dysfunction than of contracting a serious disease caused by and directly linked to smoking.

It makes you smaller, not bigger

Really, who wants to see their manhood shrink? You guessed right. Nobody! But smoking makes it smaller. And by 1 centimetre.

And one centimetre in these cases is not a negligible amount.

In this case too, the reduced blood flow caused by smoking is responsible for everything, which negatively affects the elasticity of the penis and results in this painful loss.

After all, instead of cigarettes, should Hollywood look for a new substitute for cigarettes to continue the pleasure after sex? The continuation on the screen…