Reasons to have more… intensive sex!
reasons to have more sex

Well-being and good health, both hidden in the oldest sport, sex! We don’t say so, new evidence reveals it.

It is a natural anxiolytic

According to research from the University of California Westlake Village, frequent sex reduces stress. In particular, research shows that the hormones released during the arousal phase help fight stress. Therefore, those who maintain an active sex life have a significantly lower rate of anxiety.

Good for the heart

According to the University of Bristol, to avoid a heart attack it is advisable to do three times a week sex. Other research shows that sexually active people have fewer cardiac disorders. According to experts, sex is an excellent aerobic exercise that has a positive effect on circulation and exercises the heart muscle.

Helps us sleep

According to research from Rutgers University in New Jersey, regular sex helps to get better quality sleep. More specifically, it has been found that serotonin levels increase after orgasm. This hormone is the one that makes us feel pleasure and relaxation, which helps us sleep more easily.

It is the best antidepressant

The optimism is something that is also due to the sex. According to research from the University of Michigan, sexually active people have a lower rate of depression than those who are not sexually active. Research has shown that the neurochemical changes that occur during sexual intercourse can affect our psychology..

Gives longevity

Research from the University of California suggests that people who have sex frequently and enjoy it can extend their lifespan by a decade.

Keeps us fit

According to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh in Scotland, people who have sex regularly look four to seven years younger. Sex is a very good exercise that keeps our body alert and makes us more concerned about our appearance, as we want to be more and more attractive.

Strengthens the defense of our body

Research from Wilkes University suggests that couples who have sex at least twice a week have a 30% better defence against disease. Even in major diseases such as breast and prostate cancer.